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   Whether to use finger or powder puff, hard to avoid contamination on the fingers, the fluid foundation and this is part of the main reason for the change with liquid foundation brush If besmear after foundation forget taking something directly to change clothes to wash your hands, often with the foundation will be everywhere Especially the girl with long nails, makeup foundation easy to remain in the nails, the feeling is very untidy And with liquid foundation brush, there is no such annoyance Foundation brush only a week to use hand sanitizer or bath clean, can save when making up dirty hands Need not when, on the set of cases, so as not to brush a head to touch ash, then put in ventilated place compared to the cleanliness, it is also more clean than a sponge.  

   Foundation brush is usually one of the most need to wash all the brush, because foundation than other colour makeup massiness, and use frequency is very high, generally to makeup you painted pink Long time don't wash the foundation brush is easy to breed bacteria Use the special cleaning fluid of leading beauty makeup brush Sprayed the brush head, on a paper towel or soft cloth gently back and forth to wipe clean can Moderate volatilization clean grease using professional detergent: characteristics, designed for fast powerful cleaning brush, is set to clean Deodorization disinfection is an organic whole for the function such as anti-static soft brush cleaning fluid.

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