How to choose a good eyeshadow brush

| 2018 01 09 | Comments

Should choose some soft and fluffy, when it is in the eye face easy swept by stretching it should be able to cover you a quarter of the size of the eyelids, but double lets you control at the same time, sweep out beautiful appropriate eye shadow.

 The way of choose a eyeshadow brush:

Lightly brushed on the skin, feel soft and comfortable, without any tingling sensation

Clip the bristles with your fingers.gently and slow comb down,No hair loss.

Gently press the brush on the back of your hand, presenting the perfect semicircle, cut neatly, and perfect radians.


As soon as possible after each use will remain eye shadow with a paper towel to wipe clean Professional brush cleaner, pour a few drops on, along the direction of the brush rinse with cold water for a while, then dry flat shade is ok If there is no professional cleaning agent, every two weeks will brush with soak in warm water to clean that is put in the diluted shampoo and then rinse with cold water and dry flat shade after finishing the bristles Air-dried fingers flick after brush head, brush the fluffy is resumed.

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