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Complete cabinet loading process and precautions

Aug 24, 2023

Cabinet loading is mainly divided into three steps: 

1 Before loading 

1 Draw up the cabinet loading plan

The volume of the container, the goods to be loaded in each container (type, quantity), and the nature of the goods (volume---if there is no ready-made one, you need to measure it yourself, weight---measurement, pressure resistance, whether it is fragile, etc.)

2 Preparation of goods

Go to the warehouse or factory to see which goods are ready and which goods are in preparation, and urge the goods that are not yet ready.

3 Division of work

Recorders (at least 2, who is responsible for what;), the big brother of the cabinet (the number of people), forklifts (several vehicles are required)

4 Related Forms

Container plan, container loading list, container weight --- what needs to be in both Chinese and English, the format must be correct, and customs declaration is available; loading record sheet (required quantity, length must be suitable) 

5 utensils

Camera (with rechargeable batteries fully charged), ruler, scales---spare, measuring volume and weight, pen, watch; sun/rain protection preparations (sunscreen, hat, long-sleeved clothing, black, stain-resistant; flat bottom shoe) 

6 shipping companies

How many vehicles are needed, when will the vehicles come, and when will they start loading,

7 Loading plan

Finish the loading in a few days, the daily loading quantity (several cabinets), and when to start loading----notify the relevant personnel

8 weather forecast

The weather on the day of loading, take corresponding precautions

Two cabinet loading process

1 Pay attention to the first car ---- very important! the

The first car is a demonstration. On the basis of the preliminary cabinet loading plan, adjustments are made according to the actual situation of the cabinet loading, and the adjusted process is recorded to obtain a new cabinet loading plan (photographs are available)

2 Recorder's work---careful and cautious
①Before loading, be familiar with the types, quantities, and loading schemes of the goods that should be loaded in each container
② Before loading the cabinet, check the location and quantity of the goods. If the quantity is missing, contact the warehouse to prepare them and supply them in time.
③ Recorder division of labor: one person is in the car, guiding the loading of the cabinet (the location of the goods, handling with care, not stepping on, etc.), telling the forklift what the next cargo is; one person is on the ground, guiding the forklift to load ----- one person Just guide!
④ Both recorders have to check the goods: type, quantity, double check before loading
⑤ Clear writing, clear record data --- easy to operate when counting (variety, quantity)
⑥ From loading to finishing the cabinet, it is to order a car, do not change at will, let alone suspend the recording work at any time --- start and finish! 
⑦ Take pictures: It is to take continuous pictures when the cabinet is finished (so that the photos can be taken at that time), and it must be clear--the license plate, container number, car key number, and the cabinet (open, half open, close)
⑧ The variety and quantity of the cabinets should be calculated clearly to see whether the varieties are complete and the quantity is sufficient.
⑨ Record record records: container number, license plate number (two before and after), car key number, time when the container is finished, time when the car leaves, and the driver's phone number
⑩ Take the bill from the driver, check the list and the information you recorded (the above contents)

3 expediting, general guidance (one person)
①Before loading and during loading, ask the recorder about the missing goods in time and report to the factory in time to urge the preparation of urgently needed goods
② Guide the forklift to fork the goods when loading the cabinet (which cabinet/car needs goods, keep the forklift at work all the time)
③ Record the recorder of each cabinet (such as TRIU123456: A&B), and be responsible for numbering each car/cabinet (#1, #2... without Chinese (such as the first car...) ) 

Three after loading

1 photo organization

The order is marked, the picture must be correct, you can check it with the red freight bill, the format is such as 1-open door, 1-semi-open door, 1-closed door, 1 car key number, 1 container number, 1-license plate number (Chinese and English)

 2 container list---customs declaration information
①Pairwise check on the loading record sheet: quantity, variety
② The format is correct: simple, clear and clear - think about it before doing it
③ Contents: What varieties are contained in each cabinet, the quantity of each variety, the total quantity of goods; the total quantity of each variety in all cabinets-------reference format?

 3 Container weight list---customs declaration information
①The format is correct: simple, clear and clear----think it over before doing it
② Check the container list and fill in carefully
③ Content: the total weight of each container of goods; the weight of each variety * quantity --- reference format 

4 Summary and reflection on cabinet loading
①Plan ahead
②Keep an eye on the whole process
③Maintain a rigorous and serious work attitude