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Professional High-end Makeup Brush Customization

We specialize in the customized production of high-end makeup brushes. We can develop and produce product content (such as private labels, packaging, etc.) according to the drawings or samples provided by customers. At the same time, we can also help customers develop new products, whether you are looking for OEM Manufacturers (OEM) or ODM cooperative service providers are welcome to consult and contact us.

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Customized Service

We provide professional makeup brush customization, design, mold opening, and production centralized solutions.

1 Custom logo
2 Custom printing
3 Custom material
4 Custom size
5 Custom brush head
6 Custom packaging







Custom logo

Simple logo is most easy to custom

Custom printing

Any printing is possible

Custom material

You can choose different material as you want

Custom size

All types of makeup brushes can be custom-sized size. Any size from small to big size you require

Custom brush head

Head also can choose by yourself

Custom packaging

Outside carton boxes, or gift packaging, gift boxes and bag is available

OEM Service Process

Providing creative solution from concept to production to distribution.

  • Contacting with Customer

    Establish contact with customers through various channels.


  • Production Introduction

    Send our company's product introduction PPT to the customer.


  • Develop Product

    Develop products according to customer's official website and other platforms.


  • Production Design

    Customers provide design elements or VI color to design products together.


  • Quotation

    We will quote after getting the customers' confirmation.


  • Making Samples

    We will make real samples and sent the samples to customer.


  • Sign a Contract

    The customer accepts the price, minimum order quantity and delivery date, etc., and makes PI to the customer.


  • Sign an Order

    The customer signed the contract.


  • Mass Production

    After the customer sends the product order, we start mass production according to the signed sample.


  • Quality Inspection

    During the production process of the product and after production, our inspectors will inspect the product, and customers will also come to inspect the product.


  • Logistics Delivery

    When the inspection result is OK and the customer confirms that the product can be shipped, we will send the product to the customer.


How to Customize Products

If you don't have a concrete idea yet, please contact us for inspiration.