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Staff Management

Z'OREYA focuses on staff training, personal development, and skills enhancement, enriching group activities, caring for staff health and safety, and creating a comfortable working environment for staff.

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R&D Team

We have dozens of experienced technicians, headed by our chairman, who make up our R&D and design team.

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Patented Products

We have a strong R&D team with over 100 original patented products.

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Quality Assurance Team

From raw material inspection, inspection, semi-finished product inspection to finished product inspection, etc.


Our new developments

We integrate global information resources to create a constant stream of new, fashion-forward products for our customers and continue to create high value for them.

Z'OREYA Exhibition Hall

Here, you can quickly understand and experience different categories of makeup brushes.

Providing you with unique products

R & D efficiency, unique products, can meet the needs of different customers, click the button below to learn more about our products, have a favorite product style, and style, welcome to contact us at any time.