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  • Intelligent Production

    At present, the company has 65,000 square meters of construction area of the whole industry chain intelligent modern plant, 600+ employees, 100+ machinery and equipment, including automatic wire drawing machine, injection molding machine, automatic surface process spraying equipment, automatic assembly machine, visual inspection machine, intelligent storage, etc., to achieve the production of hair, tube, shank and hair head production, assembly, packaging upstream and downstream integration of the whole industry chain intelligent production.
  • Data Management

    The whole process of customer order production process is controlled, efficient management, production efficiency is improved, customer delivery time is guaranteed, and quality is traceable.
  • Intelligent Production Line

    Possess 4 advanced intelligent manufacturing production lines in the industry, SMT center + intelligent assembly center, to create an outstanding remote control OEM/ODM production base. The intelligent production line, which is deeply integrated with various information network technologies and manufacturing automation technologies, monitors the production status in real-time through the network platform to ensure product effect rate, and quality.


Authentic reliable quality naturally stands out and fears no comparison.

Makeup Brush Production Process

Every detail has been carefully handled to make your makeup look even better.

  • 01

    Supplier incoming materials

    Delivery note, purchase order, warehouse to confirm the correctness of raw materials and check the quantity, identification card, arrival list.
  • 02

    Incoming inspection

    IQC conducts inspections and incoming inspection reports according to inspection standards for wood and plastic pellets, internal orders, inspection standards for wool/pipe/handle/packaging materials, and AQL.
    Tube, full inspection
  • 03

    Incoming material storage

    Warehousing order, warehouse-in by category/order number/area.
  • 04

    PMC production plan

    Internal filial list, production plan, picking list.
  • 05

    Hair production

    Picking list, internal order, code scanning, SOP, first article, IPQC, SIP, identification card.
  • 06

    Handle printed LOGO

    Picking list, LOGO design draft list, SOP first article, SIP, IPQC, adhesion test.
  • 07

    Equipped with

    Picking list, internal order, code scanning, SOP, first piece IPQC, SIP, process card.
  • 08

    Full inspection of brushes

    Internal orders, code scanning SIP, hair shape inspection, adhesion test pull test, cleaning process card.
  • 09


    Internal order, code scanning, SOP, first article, sharp tool control, IPQC, SIP.
  • 10

    QA inspection

    Internal Order Form, SIP, AQL.
  • 11


    Scan code, storage order

Product Quality Control

In order to provide customers with excellent product quality, the company established a 20-member quality inspection team, from raw material inspection, inspection, semi-finished product inspection to finished product inspection and other layers of control, product qualification rate of 99.99%, trusted by customers.

Smart Storage

The digitalized and systematic vertical warehouse can store 1800 m³ of goods. The warehouse is digitally and systematically managed by WMS. The goods are automatically entered and exited by the conveying equipment and can be automatically delivered to different floors such as the second, third, and fourth floors by lifting. Advantages: Effective use of space utilization, digitalization of warehousing and logistics, automation, fewer people, intelligent control, time-saving and labor-saving, standardized management.