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What customized services can Z'OREYA provide?

Jun 15, 2023

①The lean production layout of our factory, the production workshop is equipped with 5 injection molding machines, 10 wooden handle polishing machines, 2 wool head wire drawing machines, 14 printing machines, 13 automatic and semi-automatic assembly machines and other equipment, professional front-line employees account for 200 + people, the average monthly production capacity is 450-500w. Satisfy customers' demand for delivery time and quality to the inner extent. Customizable products include professional makeup brushes, powder puffs and other beauty tools.
②Our company undertakes all kinds of customization, and we can choose from raw materials, bristles of different materials, nozzle materials and handles of different materials and shapes, etc., from appearance to use, to meet your needs in an all-round way.
③We provide OEM&ODM service, you can also choose to send your design or drawing with one click, we will arrange a fast track for you within 1-3 working days, and complete the sample for your confirmation. We will design the many suitable makeup brush for you according to your requirements, combined with your product characteristics, brand concept, and sales targets.